Texaco – Square Sign

Illuminate your collection with this translucent, rectangular Texaco sign, a glowing tribute to the iconic American oil brand known for fueling the nation’s journeys.

This sign is not merely a piece of memorabilia; it’s a luminous emblem of Texaco’s storied legacy in the American oil industry. Celebrated for its high-quality gasoline and motor oil, Texaco has been a beacon of reliability and innovation for over a century. This sleek, translucent sign, designed to capture and reflect light, symbolizes the enduring brilliance of the Texaco star, guiding countless travelers and enthusiasts. It’s an exceptional find for collectors and aficionados of classic Americana, offering a radiant piece of history that celebrates Texaco’s commitment to excellence and service.

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Length: 70,87 inches

Width: 62,99 inches

Depth: 3,94 inches

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About Texaco

Texaco’s journey began in the early 20th century, quickly establishing itself as a cornerstone of the American oil industry. With its unmistakable red star logo, Texaco became synonymous with quality fuel and customer service, pioneering many of the standards we see in service stations today.

Beyond fuel, Texaco’s contributions to society include supporting the arts and community initiatives, further embedding its legacy in the fabric of American culture. The brand’s commitment to innovation and quality has not only propelled it through the ranks of global oil giants but has also earned it a special place in the hearts of Americans.

Displaying a Texaco translucent sign is more than an ode to a leading oil brand; it’s a celebration of a century-old tradition of powering the nation’s progress. It stands as a symbol of innovation, trust, and the enduring spirit of exploration that Texaco has fueled throughout its history.

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