Our exclusive and original assets

About Holland America Brothers

Expert refurbishment

We consult experts for our professional refurbishments

Collecting throughout Europe

Every unique asset from our collection is carefully selected in Europe

Atlantic transportation

We oversee the entire logistical operation form Europe to the US

Vending in the US

We sell our exclusive assets to collectors in the United States

Holland America Brothers (HAB) is a growing, family-run car importer, focused on authentically restored 4×4 cars, specifically vintage Land Rover Defenders and convertible Mercedes G class. We locally source these across Europe and then partly or fully restore them before exporting them to the US. Our cars are sold on consignment mostly through local classic car dealer Aventura Motors in the Hamptons.

HAB was founded in October 2016 by the two brothers Arjen and Martijn Vijfvinkel. The name Holland America Brothers is a tribute to the more than 400 years of trade relations between The Netherlands (”Holland”) and the US. HAB is a joint venture between Holland America Brothers b.v. in Rotterdam (NL) and Holland America Brothers Inc. in the New York area. HAB b.v. is managed by Arjen, who has 20+ years’ worth of professional experience in various trading and logistics roles. At the same time, HAB Inc. is overseen by Martijn, who started out restoring Porsches and vintage cars as a hobby.

Our years of experience in sourcing and restoring 4x4s have enabled Holland America Brothers to deepen its network across Europe. This has put us in an excellent position to branch out so that we now additionally purchase collectable 100% authentic vintage signs related to cars, racing, and petrol. We box and crate these signs in Europe before shipping them via containers to the US. The signs are available for sale on our website.